Rose Face Cream 100g

Rose Face Cream 100g

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Our plant-based formulation is very conditioning and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. Recommended for all skin types, but especially for mature skin, sensitive skin and dry, flaky skin.  

Ingredients & Benefits 

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera) - Aloe Vera Juice is extremely hydrating for the skin and may help certain skin conditions where the skin gets very dry and needs moisturising. Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin. There are compounds in Aloe Vera that may help neutralise the effects of UV radiation, skin damage, and help in the prevention of aging skin.

Rosa canina (Organic Rosehip) Fruit Oil 

Organic Rosehip oil has been clinically tested and shown to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin and dramatically improve skin's moisture levels. 

Organic Rosehip seed oil contains Vitamin A Vitamin A helps to delay the effects of skin ageing assists with cell regeneration and promotes collagen and elastic levels to increase. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity.

Organic Rosehip seed oil also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin and provides antioxidant effects.

Pelargonium roseum (Rose Geranium) Oil 

1. Wrinkle Reducer – Because geranium oil is an astringent, it induces contractions in several parts of the body. It has the power to minimize the look of wrinkles because it tightens facial skin and slows down the effects of aging. Add two drops of geranium oil to your face lotion and apply it twice daily. After a week or two, you will see the look of your wrinkles begin to fade away.

2. Muscle Toner – Geranium oil helps in tightening and contracting muscles– this is again due to its astringent properties. It can prevent your muscles and skin from sagging, and it can give you a more toned abdominal section. Create a massage oil by mixing five drops of geranium oil with one tablespoon of jojoba oil and massage it into your skin, focusing on your muscles.


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