Imagine That Foundation

Throughout our journey we have had the chance to take part in some amazing charitable events and raise money for fantastic causes. We have witnessed growing orphanages, equipped schools with materials, have supplied fresh water, homemade food, provided aid those in need, educated the young and disabled and have been rewarded with uncountable amounts of gratitude and appreciation. Along the way we too have been educated and have witnessed the sheer determination it takes to be a consistent provider.

At the heart of these events is charitable organisation ‘4Change Initiative’, based in Accra, Ghana, a company whom we have extremely close and personal connections with. As well as aiding those in need, 4Change share a relating ethos with ourselves: we aim to educate, create, inspire, learn, teach and connect, looking towards a brighter future for all.

In addition to partnering up with other organisations, we also take on our own challenges and support the villages, farmers and their families from whom we source our main ingredients. In the summer of 2014 Pureté Nature teamed up with a small village in Tamale, northern Ghana and have continued our working relationship with them ever since. We have been extremely grateful to friends and family for their kind donations of money, food, clothes and books, all of which we have passed on to the people within the village.

If you are interested in donating any unwanted items, be it books, clothes, shoes, even office equipment please contact us via email and we can arrange a collection date. Alternatively, if you are interested in showing your support through monetary value please visit  A little money in the UK travels a long way in Ghana so every little payment is welcomed and gratefully received.


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