About Us

Our journey began towards the end of 2013 with an annual trip to Ghana; a place we call home. We had decided this trip would be more than a family affair; we wanted to return to Ghana offering more than our presence. We wanted to make a difference, to educate and to provide a better future for others and ourselves, the only problem being we just didn't know how to get there.

As our days were numbered, we promenaded the streets, browsed the resident markets and conversed in conversation with the locals; all of a sudden the light switched on. Up until this time we thought our ‘big idea’ would be something brought over from England, that we would introduce ‘something new’. This turned out to be very much on the contrary. What we were looking for was right in front of us, growing from the ground, being handmade by craftsmen and produced by local farmers. We knew it was there all along, we just hadn’t seen it.

Ghana is notorious for it's fresh fruit and vegetables, medicinal plants, skilled craftsmen, proficient seamstresses and dedicated farmers, however with evidence of rising numbers in unemployment and deteriorating economy, we were unsure as to whether they comprehended the significance of their roles. Our objectives soon became clear. We sought to educate and help the local people in seeing the potential in their skills and the land on which they live.Now we could see the light we began to look at everything with fresh eyes. Like any great concept, with multiple possibilities, we had to narrow it down to a starting point, find our feet and begin to make small yet significant steps. Our aim was to leave for England with an initial project. That project came in the form of Shea Butter.

Our Shea butter became something we could package and sell to the English market providing evidence to the local Ghanaians that what they have is something other countries want, this giving Ghanaians the advantage. From the beginning stages of research and planning we had altogether agreed to ‘cut out the middle man’, thus bringing consumer closer to producer and vice-versa. We believe that we can only truly sell a wonderful product well once we know it inside out and back-to-front. Not only did we want rid of the man in the middle but we were reluctant to even entertain the idea of having a third party help us produce a product from our raw material. Everything from our relationship with the Ghanaians to production, packaging and selling would be done by our team and our team alone. We wanted everything to be attainable, pure and natural.

Once in agreement, Pureté Nature was born.