Botanical Wax Woodwick Scented Candle

Pureté Nature’s curated collection of truly original scents will inspire, nurture and transport the senses, as well as making your rooms smell irresistible. Our handcrafted luxury candles are a new take on home fragrance that will transform your rooms. Combining distinctive aromas, the candles encapsulate an array of memories and moods. 

Our scented candles are made from a 100% pure botanical wax blend and are scented with the finest quality pure essential oils. There is no paraffin. All our candles are hand-poured with a wooden wick. Famous for their soothing sound of a crackling log fire when burning,  We have tested hundreds of wax, wick, and oil combinations to bring you the perfect luxury candle. Long clean-burning, delectable scents, and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. 

Layering traditional, irresistible scents – including flowers, fruits, resins, and woods – in unconventional, contemporary ways. Blended specifically to help you find the balance in you...