Solid Cologne

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Our Solid Colognes are made from natural ingredients, mango butter, jojoba wax, coconut oil which creates a soft wax. It will help moisturise your skin.

Alcohol-free so can be used on the neck after shaving.

The blend will leave you smelling confident, with your own personal swagger.

Sandalwood - The sandalwood essential oil gives it classic light wooded scent.

Vetivert - This scent is a combination of oakmoss, vetiver and lavender essential oils, which combines to give it a fresh, mossy & woody fragrance.

Rosewood - This scent is a combination o of Rosewood and Cedarwood which combines to give an intricate floral top note and sweet, woody undertones.


The cologne comes in a convenient little tin, perfect for travel or reapplying on the go, and is made with natural ingredients and oils to help to moisturize your skin. To apply, dip or swirl a finger in cologne and apply to pulse points such as the wrist, behind the ears and neck.