Oil Burners

Create your perfect ambience using essential oils, wax melts, tarts & granules with these oil burners.  Oil Burners are an excellent way to disperse the scent of an essential oil or a wax melt into a room. Click here for essential oil recipe ideas to help with your focus & motivation.

Using an Oil Burner
To use essential oils with your burner simply place some water in the top bowl, then light a tea-light candle beneath and tip a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the water. As this heats, the fragrance from the oil will gently release into the room. Please note - You should never put essential oils directly into the bowl without water as this will cause overheating and can burn the oils. To use a wax melt, you simply drop this into the bowl at the top and the fragrance will be released as it melts.


All our Oils burners come with one free essential oil & 2 tealight candles.