Wheatgerm Oil 100 ml

Wheatgerm Oil 100 ml

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Virgin Wheatgerm is a rich oil, particularly high in vitamin E. Wheatgerm oil is a very nourishing oil particularly suited for dry, damaged and mature skin. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants helping to combat the emergence of free radicals and other damaging elements in the skin.

The healthy and antiaging Wheat Germ Oil contains high levels of Vitamin E as well as other vitamins, minerals, protein, and Essential Fatty Acids.

Wheatgerm oil can be used to tackle dry and cracked skin, Eczema, Stretch marks, dull complexion, scars, and sunburns. It is also recommended for aging skin.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and as a massage oil it is best blended with another carrier oil that is lighter.

Use in skincare for creams, lotions and balms. Use as a massage oil base, blend with essential oils for added benefits of the chosen essential oils. Always seek a professionals advice for accurate measurement of blends). Can be used as a gentle and effective cleanser and make-up remover.

Packaged in glass bottle to protect the contents from heat, light, oxidation and moisture.