Cardamom Pods

Cardamom Pods 90g

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Cardamom Pods - Elettaria cardamomum

Description: These little green pods produce a zesty citrus flavour that can be sweet AND spicy at the same time, pretty impressive right? Bring this warm, aromatic spice into your home for all your cooking, baking and tea making needs. 

Suggested Use: What does our Organic Cardamom Pods partner well with? Just about anything! From meat, poultry and vegetables to bread, cakes and biscuits. This incredible spice is the key ingredient in Chai tea, imparting a lemony zing to a soothing cuppa. Pop these small pods into mulled wine and spice cordials, add to rice, soup, stew, curry and tagine dishes and use to stew fruit, make chutneys, compotes and even create homemade ice-cream and chocolate truffles.


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