Grains of Paradise 120g

Grains of Paradise 120g

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Grains of Paradise - Aframomum melegueta

Other Names: Melegueta Pepper, Alligator Pepper, Guinea Grains, Fam Wusa, Ataku, Guinea Pepper, Graines de Paradis, Malaguette, Poivre de Guinée, Paradieskörner, Guineapfeffer, Grani de Meleguetta, Grani Paradisi, Kinia-Saenggang, Grãos-do-Paraíso, Sha Ren and Pimienta de Malagueta.

Description: Allow these grains to take you to paradise with their complex woody, peppery, herby flavour with a warm subtle heat. You’ll find hints of ginger, cardamom, citrus, coriander, nutmeg and juniper in each little grain! The best part about Grains of Paradise? The heat builds slowly rather than being punchy and sharp like black pepper. 

Suggested Use: Try adding our Grains of Paradise to dishes that call for pepper when digestion may be upset by black pepper. Crush and sprinkle onto chicken, fish and veg prior to cooking or add to biscuit and cake recipes where you would use black pepper. Use to season a myriad of dishes from gingerbread and apple pie to peanut soup and sirloin steak.


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