Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil

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Black Pepper Essential Oil

Our black pepper oil has a fine aromatic profile of rich, energizing spice with subtle floral and fruit notes. This pepper oil will quickly become one of your blending staples for adding warmth and energy to your aromatherapy formulations.

Black pepper is often thought of to bring soothing comfort to sore, overworked muscles. Added into your massage oils its soothing properties can help to bring relief, this warming essential oil is an excellent support for athletes, practitioners of yoga and those who are very physically active. The potency of black pepper has long been renowned for clearing the breath channels during periods of wintry or seasonal challenge, and when blended with other oils is fantastic for diffusing in the classroom or nursery to keep the kids resilient and clear of heavy mucous.


When diffused, the deeply energizing scent of black peppercorn oil is stimulating to the senses and can be employed to encourage alertness and enhance mental clarity and focus. Because it is also known to support healthy circulation, it can be used to promote general skin health. Additionally, this spicy essential oil is said to be encourage a romantic mood, and some studies have suggested that the diffused aroma may support those wishing to overcome the habit of smoking.

How to Use Black Pepper Essential Oil

  • Massage Oil: Add several drops of black pepper oil to your favorite massage oil and gently work into muscles after strenuous exercise or periods of lengthy or repetitive activity
  • Black pepper can be applied topically, as a compress, in the bath, inhalation therapy or diffuser.
  • Add a drop to steaming water (cover head with a towel) and inhale through nose and mouth to support sinus and head clearing.
  • Diffuse black pepper in your own diffuser blend during activities that require concentration or that are stress inducing. We find diffusing black pepper helps to digest away both our lunches and the post-lunch slump!

Safety Considerations for Black Pepper Essential Oil

Do not take black pepper oil internally. Do not apply directly to the skin, eyes or mucous membranes. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should not use this product without first consulting a licensed healthcare practitioner.