Incense Collection Gift Set

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A beautifully presented Incense & Smudging Collection Gift Set. Contains Frankincense resin & Palo Santo. Also includes a clay burner and charcoal discs.


Pure Frankincense 50g

2 White sage Smudging Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks 

1 Clay Incense Burner

2 x Charcoal Incense Disc (pack of 10)

Smudging is a ceremony used to clear away negative energies and to attract ones that are more positive. Native Americans have traditionally used many herbs for this purpose, each one having a different effect on the aura and inner being. You may burn a smudge stick directly from the end (extinguish carefully afterwards), or break off fragments to burn in a container such as a shell. When smudging, try to feel connected with a power greater than yourself. You may say prayers while using a feather, or simply the palm of your hand, to brush the smoke over you. 

Smudge sticks can be used for cleansing of the aura, for example before meditation or prayer, or they quite often these days used by bodyworkers and therapists. They can also be used for cleansing a house or dwelling and are often used in this way in Feng Shui.

Ready for giving nestled in white tissue and presented in a kraft gift box tied with natural twine.

The contents of the gift set are completely ethical, containing a selection of organic, natural and vegan-friendly British made products that have been produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment.