Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories

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A luscious medley of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, & maple. Expertly blended with soothing cocoa and comforting caramel & citrus.

Experience the authentic, true-to-life fragrance of a Christmas cake, with pure natural spice extracts and essential oils to help you relax, unwind. Creating a warming vibe in your home during the busy festive period

Perfect for enjoying time and time again especially through the festive season.

Pureté Nature candle offers a very generous burn time of up to 35 hours. So whether as a present to a loved one or as a gift to yourself, our scented candle is sure to make a lasting impression.


How To Use Me

Treat your candle with love for a wonderful burning experience.

This candle will burn for up to 35 hours if cared for correctly.
Before your first burn trim the wick.
Ensure the first burn is at least 4 hours to guarantee a clean burn to the end.
Do not place in a draught or directly onto a wooden, glass or marble surface.
Keep away from other sources of heat.
Never leave burning candle unattended.
Keep out of reach of pets and children.